Trevor’s Tank Mount Abu Photos, Distance, Entry Fee

Rajasthan as a tourist spot is most popular as a desert location. People especially visit Rajasthan to enjoy the beauty of the desert. And along with that what attracts attention are the various Havelis, Palaces and Monuments that you can explore ether. Along with that comes some temples as well that are also major attractions here. But how many of you really know that Rajasthan in spite of being a dry desert area has a beautiful hill station? Yes Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan and undoubtedly it can offer you a different side to the location as well. From the landscape to the height and the beauty or the climate everything here is unique. And one of the popular sightseeing spots here is the Trevor’s TankTrevors Tank is basically a beautiful lake and is one of the most picturesque locations in Mount Abu.

Trevor’s Tank Mount Abu

So if you wish to explore a different side of Rajasthan then you must visit Mount Abu. And Trevor’s Tank Mount Abu should definitely be a must visit location in your list. A history along with a lot of relevance is attached to this location as a sightseeing spot. And that is definitely something that makes it a popular spot for visitors. It is a popular picnic spot for both the locals as well as the tourists. And for the majestic beauty of this location a visit there would truly be enriching for a visitor. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything about Trevors Tank Mount Abu. This will be a helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to Mount Abu any time soon.

Location: Block No 3, Trevor Tank Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm

Entry feeTrevor’s Tank Mount Abu entry fee is Rs. 50 per person. For a car the fee is Rs. 250 and for a two wheeler the charge is Rs. 35

View point in Trevor’s Tank

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach Trevors Tank is the Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur. From the airport the location of this lake is about 179 km away. It would approximately take you around 3 hours and 17 minutes to reach the location from the Udaipur airport. You can easily take a car or else hire a cab from the airport to reach the location of this tank. However buses are available on this route as well and you can even opt for that as well to reach the tank.

In case you are travelling from abroad then the nearest international airport is the Jaipur International Airport. From Jaipur airport the location of this tank is 501 km away. It would take you around 9 hours approximately to reach the location of the tank from the airport. Buses are available on this route to reach the Trevor’s Tank. Or else you can even take a cab or hire a car as well to travel to this location more conveniently.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the nearest railway station to reach the tank is the Morthala Railway Station in Rajasthan. From there the location of the tank is about 30.4 km away. Approximately it would take you around an hour to reach Trevors Tank from the railway station. You can easily take a car or hire a cab from the railway station to reach the tank easily.

By road

The location is easily accessible by roadways as well, so you can travel by road. If you are travelling from nearby major cities or towns then you can get buses to reach Mount Abu. However if you are travelling within the city then also there are local buses plying on this route. The nearest bus stop is the Mount Abu Central Bus Depot and the distance of the location from the bus stop is 4.8 km. It would further take around 15 minutes to reach the location of the tank from the bus depot. But the timings of the local buses can be a little uncertain. So in case you wish to travel more conveniently you can take a cab. Or else you can hire a car as well from any location to reach the tank easily.

Lake in Trevor’s Tank

Best time to visit

To enjoy the location at its best it would be perfect to visit this location during the cooler months. From November to February the weather of this region remains enjoyable. So if you are visiting here at this time you would get to enjoy the whole area and its surrounding well. For nature walks or safaris it will be the correct time to visit this location. But not just for the weather there are other attractions to enjoy during winter here. Regarding the wildlife also this would be the best time to visit here. And for birdwatchers nothing can be better than visiting here during the cooler months. A great variety of exotic birds and migratory birds visit here during this time. So you would get to enjoy that here as well.

Furthermore, some wild animals also come to drink water at the tank and you can spot them here as well. The Mount Abu Winter Festival also takes place in the month of December. So for a cultural experience you can attend that as well. But avoid visiting here during the scorching summers. Especially the peak summer months would not be the perfect time to make a visit to this tank.

view point 3 in Trevor’s Tank

Overview of Trevor’s Tank

Trevor’s Tank in Mount Abu is one of the pristine and a popular sightseeing spot. It is a beautiful man made lake that is located on the Mount Abu Hill Station in Rajasthan. The location of this tank is about 13 km away from the Guru Shikhar peak and 8 km away from Achalgarh. And from the main town of Mount Abu the tank is located at a distance of 5 km. This is basically a man made site for crocodile breeding for conservation procedures. Also popular as Trevor’s Crocodile Park, the location is a popular picnic spot as well. Along with that it is also a popular location for jungle safari. Visitors visiting here would get to explore the area to a certain extent on foot.

Furthermore the location houses some viewing stations that offer picturesque views of the whole area. The location is popular for bird watching as well. Along with that for wildlife sightings also it can be a good location however the sight of wildlife is limited. You can take up a guide here for the safari by paying Rs. 600 and watch animals and birds at their most natural habitat. Overall it is a beautiful location amidst nature that offers a mesmerizing experience of exploring wild life. Along with that the views that it offers and the ambiance of the location further makes it a much loved location for tourists as well. So if you are visiting Mount Abu then you must include visiting the Trevor’s Tank.

Trevor’s Tank History

Trevor’s Tank is basically a popular sightseeing location in the only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. What makes this location a popular tourist spot is the uniqueness and the natural beauty of the location. During the 19th century British engineer Col. G.H Trevor constructed this tank. And on the basis of his name this tank was named as the Trevor’s Tank. The original idea to construct this lake was to facilitate the breeding of crocodiles here. Col Trevor was himself an avid birdwatcher also. So he further wanted this location to be a spot that would attract different species of birds as well.

Previously this region was under the Rajputana State. The then Maharaj Kesari Singhji Bahadur of Sirohi gifted this land to his friend who was Col Trevor. Upon receiving this land he turned this area into a small wildlife sanctuary and made it a crocodile breeding location in 1897 AD. However over the years this location started becoming a popular tourist location as well other than being a crocodile breeding location. The location still stands as a testament to the British colonial period. But currently the State Tourism Department promotes this location as a part of the Mount Abu Eco Tourism. The authorities also use this tank as the breeding ground for crocodiles as a part of wildlife conservation.

View point 2 Trevor’s Tank

Major attractions in Trevor’s Tank

Trevor’s Tank is a man made lake that is currently an important part of the Mount Abu Tourism. Other than being a deadly location with crocodiles it is a beautiful location amidst nature. The ambiance and environment of the location attracts a huge number of birds here as well. So this site is a popular site for birdwatchers to visit. You can spot partridges, pigeons as well as peacocks here amongst other birds.

This spot is a popular spot for picnics as well. If you are looking for a picnic spot tucked amidst nature then you can certainly plan a visit to this tank in Mount Abu. The viewing stations that you will find here are also major attractions here. These are scattered all around the area and from each of these locations you will get to enjoy pristine views as well. And that also makes this location a must visit spot for photographers as well. The visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the whole area from here.

Furthermore, night activities are also popular here and you can enjoy that here as well. You can even get to spot Black Bears here which is a major attraction of this location if you are visiting here at a specific period of time.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about Trevor’s Tank Mount Abu and now you can definitely plan a visit there. Mount Abu as a location is quite interesting and sightseeing spots like Trevors Tank makes it even more exciting. So if you are planning to visit Mount Abu then you must include this location in your list of must visit places. The ambiance, landscape, weather and the serenity of the location will totally have your heart. So when are you planning a visit to this tank in Mount Abu? And let me know if this article on Trevors Tank Mount Abu is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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