Lake Pichola Udaipur Boat Ride, Timings, Entry Fee, Location

Rajasthan, a popular tourist destination, is a desert region and that is the main attraction for people visiting there. However other than that there are palaces, forts and various historical monuments here as well that are equally interesting for the visitors. But out of all the cities in Rajasthan the city of Udaipur definitely has something else in store. The city, as it is popular as the City of Lakes, houses some of the most beautiful lakes. And the lakes in a dry region like Rajasthan are definitely like a breath of fresh air. It will further provide a change and give a break from the regular landscape of Rajasthan. One such important lake here is the Lake Pichola Udaipur.

Lake Pichola is a pristine lake in Udaipur and is one of the major sightseeing spots in the city as well. It offers a beautiful view of its surroundings that makes it an even popular location. Also the location of Lake Pichola is one of the most interesting things to explore in the city. There are multiple sightseeing spots around this area as well and therefore makes it one of the popular sightseeing spots. And the boat rides on Lake Pichola are the major activities that the visitors enjoy here. So if you are in Rajasthan looking for a location that will provide you a break from the Rajasthan landscape this is the location that you need to visit.

So keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about Lake Pichola Udaipur. It will be a helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to Lake Pichola any time soon.

Lake Pichola Udaipur

Location: Rameshwar Ghat, City Palace Complex, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Timings: The Lake Pichola timings are from 9 am to 6 pm on all days

Entry fee: There is no entry fee as such but there are separate charges for Lake Pichola boat ride. These are Rs. 400 for adults per person and Rs. 200 for a child per person for a regular boat ride. And for the Sunset Boat Ride the price of the tickets are Rs. 700 per person for adults and Rs. 400 per person for a child.

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach the lake is the Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur. From the airport Lake Pichola is located at a distance of 23.4 km. It would approximately take you around 40 minutes to reach the location of the lake from the airport. You can easily take a car or hire a cab from the airport to reach the location of the Lake. Or else you can opt for the local transports like tonga or an auto rickshaw to reach here.

By train

While travelling in a train the nearest railway station to reach Lake Pichola is the Udaipur railway station. You will get trains from major cities and towns to reach Udaipur railway station. From the railway station the location of Lake Pichola is at a distance of 3 km. It would approximately take you around 9 minutes to reach the location from the railway station. The best way to reach the lake from the railway station would be to take local transports like tonga or auto rickshaws. They are the most convenient mode of transport when you are travelling shorter distances within the city.

By road

The location of Udaipur is easily accessible by roadways as well so you can travel by road also to reach here. There are buses available from major cities and towns to reach Udaipur so you can opt for that. You will get both government and private buses to reach Udaipur from different locations. And there are Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation buses as well that are available from different cities. Other than buses you can take a car or hire a cab as well to reach Udaipur from different locations. And if you are travelling within the city then one of the best ways to commute within the city would be by tonga or auto rickshaws that you can opt for.

Overview of Lake Pichola

Overview of Lake Pichola
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The city of lakes Udaipur is popular for many lakes but Lake Pichola is one of the most popular lakes here. It is an artificial lake that offers a magnificent scenic view that makes it one of the popular sightseeing locations in the city. Located in the middle of the city of Udaipur the construction of this lake goes back to 1362 AD. Lake Pichola got its name from the nearby village Picholi. The meaning of Pichola is the backyard and it is a popular site in the city because of the enchanting beauty. The lake has lofty hills, bathing ghats as well as many heritage buildings that surround the lake. The lake is 3 miles in length and 2 miles in width. Also the lake has a depth of 30 feet.

The lush greenery of the location, the clear blue water of the lake and the presence of so many royal palaces and structures of its banks further elevates the beauty of this location. Especially during the evening the lake looks even more mesmerizing. When the sun sets the entire location looks like it is dipped in gold and it is one of the popular sights that visitors specially visit this location for. The Sunset Boat Rides are also a popular activity here and are one of the best ways to explore the whole lake. There are a total of four islands here which are Jag Mandir, Jag Niwas, Mohan Mandir and Arsi Vilas. This is a great location to visit in Udaipur and also club your visit with the nearby major attractions as well.

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History of Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake Udaipur is an artificial lake. Pichhu Banjara who was a gypsy tribesman built this lake during the rule of Maharana Lakha in 1362 AD. Later Maharana Udai Singh was extremely impressed with the overall beauty of this lake and so he constructed the city of Udaipur on the banks of this lake. What makes the location of the lake most interesting are the multiple structures located around it. From palaces to temples, bathing ghats to mansions there are a lot of historical structures that you can find here which are built over centuries.

The Lake Palace, Jag Mandir Palace and the Mohan Mandir are some of the important constructions here. At present Jag Nivas or the Lake Palace is a luxury heritage hotel located on Jag Island. In the north east corner of the lake you will find the Mohan Mandir. Jagat Singh built the Mohan Mandir at a time period between 1628 and 1652. The Arsi Vilas Island here is also another major attraction here and one of the Maharanas of Udaipur had built this palace to enjoy the pristine sunset here. A sanctuary is also located here that houses a variety of bird species. You can spot birds like coots, tufted ducks, kingfishers, egrets, cormorants, terns etc here.

The City Palace is also one of the major constructions here and a famous tourist spot as well. This is the location from where the boats ply to reach other locations. At various locations you will also find ornamental arch bridges that elevate the aesthetic look of the lake. Furthermore there is a purpose of creating these bridges as well. They are located at spots where the lake narrows and therefore the water can reach the banks here.

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Boating in Lake Pichola

Boating in Lake Pichola
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

One of the most interesting activities to enjoy at Lake Pichola is undoubtedly the boat rides here. Moreover a trip to the lake is incomplete without a boat ride here. For that you will have to reach the Lake Pichola Municipal Boat Ride Point and get on to the boat. The boats will take you around the lake so that you can explore the area even better. These boats have a seating capacity of six to eight people. Covered with canopy the boats look beautiful and offer an exciting experience. The ride starts from Rameshwar Ghat and takes the visitors to the Lake Palace. From there the boat takes the visitors to Jagmandir.

What is most interesting about the boat rides are the time of sunsets. This is a popular ride here as the location looks even more splendid during the sunset. With the setting sun the whole area changes its colour and therefore the golden hour seems divine to witness. Also as you will get to see the reflections of the palace lights on the clear water it would look even more beautiful.

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Vintage Walking Tour

Other than the boat ride at Lake Pichola Udaipur the vintage walking tours here are also major attractions. You can take a walking tour around the lake and visit locations like Bagore ki Haveli, City Palace and Gangaur Ghat. For a guided tour it would cost something around Rs. 1300 to Rs. 4000 and you must make sure you are not missing out on this activity here.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about Lake Pichola Udaipur and now you just need to plan a trip there as soon as you can. A trip to Udaipur would be incomplete without visiting Lake Pichola. Furthermore you need to enjoy the boating as well as the walking tours here. By these activities you would get to enjoy the surroundings of this location better and also you would gain a lot of insight about the history of the location. So when are you planning a trip to Lake Pichola Udaipur? And let me know if this article on Lake Pichola is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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