Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur Photos, History, Location, Story

Rajasthan is a land of stories and historical past. And at every corner of Rajasthan you will find interesting stories that will keep you glued. And that is one of the many reasons why this location is also one of the popular sightseeing spots for the tourists. You will find multiple beautiful temples here. And these temples furthermore reflect the history of the land as well. And one such popular temple and a popular sightseeing spot in Rajasthan is the Bullet Baba Temple. The Bullet Baba as interesting as it sounds is not the usual regular temple. It is not one such temple that is dedicated to a Hindu deity. Moreover this is a unique temple in Jodhpur where Om Banna and his Royal Enfield Bullet is worshipped. You can simply check out the Bullet Baba photos and you would be excited to visit here.

Bullet Baba Temple

A spine chilling Bullet Baba Temple story is associated with this temple that further makes it a popular sight to visit for the visitors. It is undoubtedly one of the unique temples in not just Rajasthan or Jodhpur but in the whole world. The popularity of this temple largely depends on the belief and the faith that the local people have on this temple. Located on a busy highway there is a lot to explore here. Also, the people here believe that it is mandatory to visit the temple if you are passing by the location, otherwise it will lead to road accidents. Keep on reading this article as this will be a helpful read for you to know everything about the Bullet Baba Rajasthan. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to the Bullet Baba Mandir Rajasthan any time soon.

Location: National Highway 62, Opposite Rajputana Hotel, Om Banna, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Timings: 6 am to 9 pm on all days of the week

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to reach

By air

While travelling by air the nearest airport to reach the temple is the Jodhpur Airport. The airport is well connected to nearby cities like Mumbai and Delhi and you will get domestic flights from various locations. From the Jodhpur airport the location of the temple is 53 km away. It would take you around 52 minutes to reach the Bullet Baba Temple from the Jodhpur Airport. You can easily take a car or hire a cab from the airport to reach the location of the temple conveniently.

In case you are travelling from abroad then the nearest international airport is the Jaipur Airport. From the Jaipur airport the location of the temple is 329 km away. It would take you around 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach the temple from the airport. Regular buses are available from Jaipur to reach Jodhpur so you can easily opt for that to reach the temple. Or else you can also travel by a car or hire a cab as well from the Jaipur airport to reach the Om Banna Temple in Jodhpur.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the nearest railway station to reach the temple is the Pali Railway Station. The railway station is connected to major cities and towns including cities like Agra, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai etc. From the railway station the distance of Om Banna Temple is 19.8 km. It would approximately take you around 23 minutes to reach the temple from the railway station. Another major railway station to reach the temple is the Jodhpur Railway Station. From the Jodhpur Station the temple is 51.6 km away. It would take you around 50 minutes to reach the temple from the railway station.

By road

The temple is located about 22 km away from the Pali city. It is located at a junction between Jodhpur and Pali. You can therefore opt for the RSRTC buses that are available on this route. The temple is located on NH 665, so you will get buses to reach there from different locations. Buses are available from major cities and towns including locations like Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jaipur etc. Or else you can also take a cab or hire a car as well to reach there from any location.

Bullet in Bullet Baba Temple

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit this location would be during the winter season. The months during winter would be most comfortable for a visit here. So try to plan your visit from the months of October to February to enjoy the pleasant weather. However, avoid visiting here during the summer season. The peak summer months can be too harsh for a visit to this location. So plan your trip accordingly to explore the whole area well.

Overview of Bullet Baba Temple

Popular by various names like Om Banna Temple, Bullet Baba Temple, Om Banna Dham, Bike Temple of Rajasthan, the Bullet Baba Mandir is a popular temple in Jodhpur. This is a temple dedicated to Om Banna whose original name is Om Singh Rathore. The word Banna is actually a suffix that is used for a youth in Rajasthan so he is popular as Om Banna. He is the one who is popular by the name Bullet Baba and so he along with his Enfield Bike is worshipped at this temple. Located on the Jodhpur-Pali highway, this is a popular tourist destination. It is located close to the Chotila village and is about 20 km away from Pali. According to beliefs the spirit of Om Banna still rides on his bullet and helps the lost travelers on the way.

Furthermore people also believe that if anyone is travelling by the Pali Jodhpur highway then they must stop at the Bullet Baba Temple. According to beliefs, stopping at this temple would keep the travelers safe in their journey. They also believe that, if you ignore the temple and continue your journey, then you will face a road accident. For the people who enjoy bike rides this can be an interesting location that you can visit. Even for regular travelers this would be an interesting temple that is extremely unique to explore.

History of Bullet Baba Temple

A spine chilling story and a legend is associated with this famous temple in Jodhpur. Moreover this story attached to the temple is also the basic foundation of this temple as well. In 1988, Om Singh Rathore was riding his motorcycle and travelling from Bangdi near Sanderao in Pali to reach Chotila. However he met with an accident where his bike crashed into a tree. Even though his bike slid into a nearby ditch, he died on spot. When the local police station got the news of that accident they immediately reached the site. After the investigation the police department took custody of this motorcycle. They took the motorcycle and brought it to the police station. However, mysteriously the motorcycle vanished from the police station the next morning. And when they searched for it they found it at the accident spot.

Furthermore they again confiscated the motorcycle to bring it back to the police station. But again the same thing happened. The motorcycle vanished and when the police searched they found it at the accident spot. The authorities were feeling confused and they were not able to understand the scenario. So what they did next is they again took the motorcycle back to the police station. And this time they completely emptied the gasoline tank and also chained the vehicle with metal chains and locks. But despite all the efforts the same incident again took place and they found the vehicle at the accident spot. They even tried to send the motorcycle to far away locations but every attempt failed.

Very soon this news reached the local people. The local people therefore started believing that maybe the bike has some special powers. Also they started believing that the motorcycle was mourning the death of its owner and so it was going back to the same spot of the accident. Finally they decided to construct a shrine at the spot of the accident. For the unique theme of this temple the temple soon gained popularity. The temple furthermore became famous as the Bullet Baba Mandir or the Om Banna Temple.

What’s more?

Currently both the statue of Om Banna and his 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet are here together at the temple. The people believe that the motorcycle and its owner should remain united and together. The people also believe that the spirit of Om Banna is still moving around the location. There have been some cases where people believed that Om Banna helps the travelers and protects them. A lot of times the truck drivers have reported stopping accidents. They have also reported witnessing a strange presence on the road at night. The temple continues to be a unique location. And people still visit the temple with a lot of respect and faith. The story of the temple however makes it even more popular.

The travelers also believe that everyone definitely needs to stop at the temple when they are passing by. So the travelers stop at the temple to pray here. It says that by visiting the temple the travelers will remain safe from road accidents. There is a unique ritual here where some drivers also leave small bottles of alcohol as an offering at the temple. They also put a Tilak on their forehead before they start their journey. Also they tie a red thread to the motorcycle as well as a sign of offering. So if you are ever visiting this location then you must make sure that you are visiting this unique temple once.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Bullet Baba Rajasthan and now you need to plan a trip to this temple soon. Visiting temples is always an enriching experience. After all, they reflect the history and culture of the land. A visit to this temple would be even more interesting because of its uniqueness. It would truly be exciting for a visitor to visit this temple in Jodhpur. It would also give you a fair idea about the culture and the belief of the land and the people here. So when are you planning a trip to the Om Banna Temple Jodhpur? And let me know if this article on the Bullet Baba Mandir is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. 

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