Kaylana Lake Jodhpur Timings, Directions, Boating, Distance

Jodhpur has no dearth of interesting locations that you can explore as a tourist in the city. Most of the locations here are informative and delve deep into the history. Therefore for a tourist it always gets interesting to explore the locations here. But if you are in search of a location in the city that offers unparalleled serenity and tranquility then I have a really good option for you. If you are in Jodhpur then you cannot miss out on visiting the Kaylana Lake. The Kaylana Lake Jodhpur is a beautiful man made lake. The lake is also old and is attached to history as well. This furthermore makes the location a popular tourist spot in Jodhpur as well. A location like this is ideal to visit with your group of friends or family to spend some peaceful hours.

Kaylana Lake

In case you are in search of a picnic spot or a location where you can enjoy some relaxing time then this can be a great option. Away from the hustling city life the serene lake here would give you a lot of peace of mind. You will instantly feel rejuvenated after a visit to this beautiful lake. So if you have around 1-2 hours of time in hand then you must plan a visit to this lake in Jodhpur. It would definitely be a great experience to explore the lake and enjoy the varied activities available here. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about the Kaylana Lake. This would certainly be a helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to this lake in Jodhpur.

Location: Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Timings: There are no specific Kaylana Lake Jodhpur timings. The lake is open all day throughout the week.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

view of Kaylana Lake Jodhpur

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach the lake is Jodhpur Airport. The lake is about 12.3 km away from the Kaylana Lake. It would approximately take you about 25 minutes to reach the lake from the airport. You will easily get the state run buses to reach the location from the airport. Or else you can also opt for local transport like auto rickshaws to reach the location. Auto rickshaws are an easy way to communicate in Jodhpur within the city if you are travelling from smaller distances. Or else you can also hire a car or take a cab as well to reach there from the location.

In case you are travelling from abroad then the nearest international airport is the Jaipur International Airport. From Jaipur the Kaylana Lake is located at a distance of 348 km. From there it would take approximately 6 hours to reach the lake. Buses are available from Jaipur to reach Jodhpur so you can opt for buses. Both private as well as public buses ply on this route. Or else for more convenience you can take a car or hire a cab from Jaipur as well.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the Jodhpur Railway Station is the nearest railway station. It would take you around 19 minutes to reach the location from the railway station. Kaylana Lake distance from the railway station is 8.9 km. You can easily take auto rickshaws from the railway station to reach the lake. Or else you can also opt for a hired car or take a cab as well to reach the lake conveniently from the railway station. The railway station in Jodhpur is well connected to major cities and towns. So you would get trains from major locations to reach this railway station in Jodhpur.

By road

Buses are easy ways of communication to reach Jodhpur. And if you are travelling from other cities of Rajasthan you will get buses to reach here. The lake is located close to the Jodhpur city centre so you can reach there easily. Both government as well as private buses are available on this route so you can reach there easily. From cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner you can get regular buses to reach the location. Or else you can also take a car or a cab as well to reach the location from any direction.

Kaylana Lake Jodhpur directions are easy to find and if you are travelling within the city then you can opt for local transport as well. Local transports like auto rickshaws are a convenient mode of communication. So you can easily opt for that as well to travel shorter distances within the city.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to plan a visit to this beautiful location would be from the months of October to March. These are the fairly cooler months and therefore you would get to enjoy the location at its best during this time. Moreover the weather during this time remains most pleasant and therefore you would get to explore the lake well. The humidity and the temperature remains at check during this time period. It would therefore be comfortable weather wise to indulge in outdoor activities. You will furthermore be able to enjoy activities like picnics, boating or sightseeing more.

However, avoid visiting here during the peak summer months. The peak summer season in Jodhpur can be quite harsh weather wise. The temperature here goes up to 40 degrees and above. Along with that even the humidity gets up to an unbearable level. And when the weather remains so harsh it also practically makes it unbearable to stay outdoors. And since this is an outdoor location it would not be very wise to plan a visit here during this time. Moreover, longer hours exposed in the sun would not be a very good idea too.

The monsoon months from July to September also are not the correct time to visit here. Heavy rain in this area can make the area inaccessible. Also it might be potentially dangerous to visit the area during monsoon. And incessant rainfall can dampen the travel spirits as well. So do plan your visit accordingly to enjoy the best of the area.

Boating in Kaylana Lake Jodhpur

Overview of Kaylana Lake

Located 8 km away from the west of Jodhpur city this is a beautiful location to explore. The Kaylana Lake is a manmade lake and is a popular tourist spot in the city of Jodhpur as well. The lake stretches for an area of 84 sq km and is an old lake in the area. In 1872 Pratap Singh constructed this lake. The main idea behind the construction of the lake was to supply water to the local population. Located amidst lush greenery and hills the ambiance of the location is truly enjoyable. That is the reason that the tourists visit the lake to spend some time amidst tranquility.

The lake is located between igneous rock formations. And at one point of time this area had a lot of bears and was a hunting space for the royals as well. The vegetation here mostly consists of Babool trees. You can spot a lot of migratory birds here as well, which makes it a popular bird watching spot.

History of Kaylana Lake

In 1872 Pratap Singh built this lake in order to serve the lake as a principle source of water for the population here. Two rulers of Jodhpur during that time Takhat Singh and Bhim Singh had made multiple gardens and palaces in this area. But to make the Kaylana Lake all of that was destroyed. The lake receives its water from the Elephant Canal or the Hathi Nehar. Furthermore the canal is connected with the Indira Gandhi Canal for its supply of water. Currently the city of Jodhpur and its adjoining areas depend on the Kaylana Lake for the supply of drinking water.

Things to do in Kaylana Lake


Kaylana Lake boating is one of the most popular activities here. Also this is the ideal way to explore the whole area of the lake as well. So whenever you are visiting this location just make sure that you are definitely opting for a boat ride at the lake. And trust me it would be extremely enjoyable for you and your whole family as well.

Bird Watching

This area attracts a great variety of birds due to the vegetation here. This is the reason why this site is also popular as a site for bird watching as well. A huge variety of native as well as migratory birds are seen at this spot. Especially during the winter season the variety is even greater. You can even spot Siberian Cranes here during the winter season which is one of the key attractions of bird watching at this location.

Nature Walks

A leisurely walk around the serene ambiance at the Kaylana Lake can be extremely relaxing. You can just walk around and explore the beauty of the whole area well. Along with that you can soak into the serenity here and rejuvenate your mind and body as well. Trust me, a walk at a picturesque location like this would truly be captivating. So make sure you are definitely indulging in this activity there.

arial view of Kaylana Lake Jodhpur

For the adventure enthusiasts also there are activities that you can enjoy at the Kaylana Lake. You can explore the trekking trail here and reach the nearby temple of Lord Shiva. The temple here is one of the popular temples in the locality. So you can definitely go and pay a visit to the temple. It would be exciting to go through the trails for sure.


A location like this screams beauty in all directions you look at. So this definitely calls for some photography as well. Photography enthusiasts would have a great time capturing the beauty of this location through their lens. So whenever you are visiting there make sure you are definitely carrying your cameras along so that you can capture some of the best pictures here.


This is yet another popular activity at the Kaylana Lake. You can surely bring a picnic basket here along with you to enjoy a great time with your whole family. You can also carry some board games which you all can enjoy together.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all that you needed to know about Kaylana Lake and now you can just plan a visit there as soon as you can. It would be one of the beautiful locations that you can visit in Jodhpur so do not miss out on this lake. So when are you planning a visit to this lake in Jodhpur? Also let me know if this article on Kaylana Lake Jodhpur is helpful for you in planning a trip there.

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